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Use of Vitamin A In Pregnancy

I often have clients ask me is it safe to use vitamin A when pregnant. As there is a lot of confusion out in the world of Google. So here goes my research as we use Environ within the Clinic in very simple terms Environ products containing Vitamin A is safe during both pregnancy and […]

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Did you know despite being advised not to wax the face in beauty school it is still common practice to wax the brow  in the Hamilton Incidentally the same “ gentle wax” used around the eye is also typically used to wax strong pubic hairs! The eye region is the most delicate part of the […]

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LED Light Treatments available Now

LED and The Energy Currency of Life Many of our clients were wondering how and why the Light therapy works. How does it benefit the skin? We asked Amy Gardner, Educational Coordinator at LightStim to explain all the science in black and white, and here it is: “It has been said by some that as […]

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