Waxing…… what do I ask or book for

Waxing…… what do I ask or book for

Summer is coming so it’s time to prepare the body. Whether its legs, underarms, bikini or Brazilian’s. Waxing is very popular as a treatment in the salon for clients that want a hair free weeks.

What is the difference between the types of waxes?

Here at Unique Skin and Body 87 Grey Street Hamilton East we use two methods of waxing Hot and Warm.

Warm Waxing

Warm is used for large areas, i.e legs arms. Often it is applied with rollers so the wax is applied thinly. This wax is removed with material strips.

Hot waxing

This is used for the more sensitive area’s – underarms bikini’s eyebrows. This wax is slightly warmer than the warm wax as this helps to open the hair follicles and allows the hair to be removed easily. Also the heat soothes the area. We apply the wax to the hair and this time we remove the thicker patch directly from the skin. The hot wax is then thrown away. We use disposable spatulas and for hygiene reasons we do not double dip (return a used spatula to the pot)


What are the difference between female waxing treatments…. Bikini, extended bikini wax, Brazilian’s, Hollywood…..

Bikini is the traditional wax, usually the hair that pokes itself out of the underwear, usually the sides and some time over the top.


Extended Bikini or G string this wax clears the areas between the legs and any stray hairs around the bottom. The sides are taken in more. Therefore the triangle is smaller.


Brazilian – name for the more intimate wax but it originally was the name for the strip – so all hair is removed between the legs and up to the labia and down around the bottom if you wish. We prefer you to come “oh natural”, do not trim as sometime clients remove too much. We need a certain length for the wax to adhere to the hair.


Hollywood – or nothing this wax removes all the hair from the area, this is very popular.


How long between treatments

Length of time between treatments depend on the client’s hair growth but usually a client would wax approx. 4-5 weeks. With Brazilian’s we have a maintenance treatment if you have your treatment before 6 weeks the price is less. Over 6 weeks we book charge more as we book more time out.


After your treatment we apply a soothing lotion to calm but you need to remember to do the following…

For 12 hours

  1. Stay out of the sun for that also mean do not go on a sunbed
  2. Don’t go swimming or have a sauna or spa
  3. Do not have hot baths or showers as the skin is sensitive and could make the skin more sensitive, have a warm shower or bath.

Next day / throughout month

  1. Remember to exfoliate either with a mitt or use a body exfoliator but remember to moisturise this is to stop ingrown hairs.


Ingrown hairs

This is where the hair grows under the skin, sometimes can become infected this is why it is important to exfoliate and moisturise. We do have products to help with ingrown hair called PFB it’s a roll on that you apply the next day and for four days then around four days before you are due to have your next wax. If a hair becomes angry then the PFB can be applied to reduce redness and soothe. If you are allergic to Asprin this product should not be used .



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