Did you know despite being advised not to wax the face in beauty school it is still common practice to wax the brow  in the Hamilton Incidentally the same “ gentle wax” used around the eye is also typically used to wax strong pubic hairs!

The eye region is the most delicate part of the body—the first to dehydrate and to age. The result is not surprisingly is trauma and stretching which can lead to damage of the fine cellular structures and enlarged pores and  sagging top eye lids. ( I can show you what I now look like after years of waxing!)

Which is why here at Unique Skin and Body we have a safer alternative from the UK—and its taking the Hamilton by storm! Now our leading treatment, we are simply transforming our ladies lives! Not surprisingly its now the must have look for brides/ balls/ job interviews/ professionals and celebrities.

NEW DEFINITION BROWS offers a safer alternative in a stunning day spa setting .  A 6 step celebrity style 30 minute makeover treatment that incorporates threading. We guarantee if its not the best brow shape you have ever had then its on us!


versus        WAXING
· Time : 30 minute appointment

· Consultation form: yes

· Qualifications: Carried out by professional with a UK diploma in brow threading. Plus New Definition trained and qualified

· Procedure: 6 different steps includes a tint to correct colour and threading

· Cost:  first time $49 subsequent appointments $39 plus free lash tint on 5th Visit

· Allocated 15 mins

· No form – verbal questions only

· Normally beauty trained, some hairdressers do


· Normally  just 1-2 steps waxing and / or plucking

· Varies in price; budget salons will charge as little as $12 up to $40 in a Day Spa

· Transforms shape leading to a sleek angular modern look, very flattering

· Achieves celebrity look—Crisp sharp lines very defined look

· Area treated from hairline down / between eyes and over the entire lid giving very clean look

· Hair type treated: vellus and terminal hairs

· Mirror the natural shape only

· fluffy edges

· Just underneath the brows and in between eyebrows


· Removes Just the dark terminal hairs only

· ND Brow hygiene policy enforced. All instruments , tweezers tint brushes etc. cleaned between clients


· Not all salons have a cleaning policy and leaves it to the integrity of the therapist.
· Carried out in a professional brow bar—good lighting, specialised equipment

· Have over 15 different colours, treatments, and products to restore, enhance, and treat the brows


· Can be done in  any treatment room available

· Normally just one of each colour available minimal help available. Products solutions


· Mild erythema. Suitable for even sensitive clients

· Hair growth reduction cream applied afterwards

· The look lasts for longer than waxing or tweezing 4-6 weekly

· Plan and post care advice given including goal planning and advice for problems

· With wax– very red. Potential  risk of damage / tear / scald skin/ ingrowns/ infections

· Soothing oil sometimes applied

· 2-4 weekly

· Depends on the confidence of the therapist / expertise

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