Guinot Hydra Comfort Cleansing Lotion 200mls

Completes make-up removal, tones and soothes the skin. – Alcohol-free and foaming agent-free. – Gives softness back to delicate skin. Texture : Creamy

Guinot Lotion Hydra Confort

Completes make-up removal, tones and soothes the skin. – Alcohol-free and foaming surfactant-free. – Gives softness and flexibility back to delicate skins. Texture :

Guinot Hydra Refreshing Cleanser

Completes skin cleansing, toning and refreshing. Skin texture is refined. Alcohol-free and foaming agent-free. Enriches the skin with plant extracts Texture :

Guinot Lotion Hydra Fraîcheur

Toner suitable for all skin types Completes skin cleansing, toning and refreshing. Skin texture is refined. Alcohol-free and foaming agent-free. Enriches the skin with plant extracts. Texture : Liquid                                                                   

Guinot Gentle Cleanser

Gently removes make-up and cleanses sensitive skin. Effective and quick-to-use 2-in-1 cleanser and toner formula. Texture : Fluid

Guinot Gentle Cleansing Foaming Wash

Gentle cleansing wash All skin types Gently cleanses and removes make-up for all skin types, for a refreshed complexion. Texture :


Thoroughly cleanses and removes make-up, leaving skin clean and refreshed. Stimulates cellular oxygenation for beautifully radiant skin. Suitable for all skin types TEXTURE :

Guinot Perfect Radiance Exfoliating Cream

Removes dead skin cells for a new and radiant skin. – Soothes and protects the new skin. Texture :

Guinot Eye Make up Remover

Removes eye make-up thoroughly and with minimum effort. Removes all types of make-up (even waterproof). Leaves no greasy residue. Texture :

Guinot Gentle eye cleansing gel

Impeccably removes make-up from the eye Protects and softs the eye contour Prevents from itching during make-up removal Suits to contact lens wearers Texture :

Guinot Biological Peeling Gel

Natural exfoliant with gentle fruit acids Removes dead cells through its gentle keratolytic action. A gentle and effective “peeling” treatment. Texture :

Guinot Instant Eye-Mask – anti-fatigue mask which reduces dark circles

Double action care: smoothing effect on crow’s feet, draining effect on heavy eyelids. Cooling gel for an immediate anti-fatigue action. Lessens the appearance of dark circles. Rejuvenates visibly the eyes. TEXTURE

Guinot Anti-Fatigue Eye Gel – Heavy Eyelids, Shadows, Bags

Double action: against dark circles, drains and helps prevent under eye ‘bags’ Reduces signs of fatigue. Refreshing effect, which makes heavy eyelids feel more comfortable. TEXTURE


Provides a continuous source of hydration to the eye contour thanks to hydro-liposomes Hydrates and smoothes eyelids and crow’s feet. Rejuvenates the appearance of the eyes TEXTURE :


Restores a youthful appearance to eyelids and eye contours. – Youth effect in the heart of the cells. – Smoothes and refreshes eyelids. TEXTURE : Gel

Guinot Rich Lifting Firming Cream

Visibly firms and smoothes the skin. Gradually firms the contours of the face. Gently nourishes the skin. Texture :

Guinot Crème Liftosome

”Lifting” effect cream Recreates firm skin by increasing the production of elastin and collagen fibres, while protecting them thanks to procollagen. – Tightens facial features. – Rejuvenates the appearance of the face. – Firms the skin. Texture :

Guinot Hydrazone

Continuous Source of Hydration for the Skin Provides a non-stop source of hydration to the three main areas of the skin due to “hydrocyte” liposomes. Retains water in the skin. Enables optimal and continuous hydration. – Refreshes and softens skin. Enhances the skin’s radiance. Texture :


Restores a healthy radiance by stimulating cellular oxygenation. Protects the skin from pollution and the harmful effects of the environment. Provides the skin with long-lasting moisture. TEXTURE :

Guinot Long Lasting Moisturising Cream

Rehydrates the epidermis. Increases cellular cohesion and restores the skin’s protective film helping to retain moisture and reduce evaporation. – Quenches the thirst of dehydrated skins. – Reduces the feeling of tight skin. – Protects and soothes. Texture :

Guinot Radiant Complexion Cream

The extraordinary hydrating* action of a cream combined with a tinted moisturiser to achieve a healthy holiday glow. A just-back-from-holidays complexion and the radiance, which comes from being in great shape! Provides comfort and elasticity. Dehydration wrinkles are softened and tired marks vanish. TEXTURE :

Guinot Radiance Renewal Cream

Creates a new epidermis thanks to the “peeling” effect of gentle fruit acids. Reveals new radiance. Gentle “peeling” with visible and effective results. Smoothes and refines the skin. TEXTURE : Cream

Guinot Matizone

The first long lasting ”perfectly” mattifying and hydrating* face cream. Mattifies by absorbing shine without dehydrating. The complexion regains radiance and the complexion is enhanced. TEXTURE : Cream

Guinot Regulating MatifyingCream

Normalises the skin by acting on the secretions of the sebaceous gland. A mattifying, purifying and soothing action thanks to the Sebum-Regulating Complex. TEXTURE :

Guinot Anti Wrinkle Rich Cream 888

Visibly smoothes wrinkles and lines. Visibly revives and restores radiance to the skin. Rejuvenates the appearance of the face. Texture :

Guinot Longue Vie Cellulaire

Recreates young skin by providing the 56 substances vital to cell life, which are necessary for the renewal and the longevity of cells Texture :

Guinot Pleine Vie

Slows the effects of ageing by compensating the deficiencies of mature skin. Awakens cell activity and vital skin functions through a reinforced anti-radical action. Recreates the radiance and comfort of young skin. – Reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Texture :

Guinot Nutrizone – Dry Skin

Nourishing cream perfect for dry skin Recharges the skin with precious nourishment. Brings comfort and beauty to dry skins. Improves the smoothness and the skin’s suppleness – uncovers a radiant

Guinot Firming Vital Neck Care – neck firming cream

More than just a firming cream, this product has a specific action on the neck, helping to knit the epidermis back together and reinforcing the skin’s elastic structures. – Rejuvenates the look and texture of the neck and décolleté. – Visibly reduces the depth of wrinkles. TEXTURE :

Guinot Instant Radiance Mask

Restores the skin’s radiance Revitalises and smooths the complexion Moisturises the skin TEXTURE :

Guinot Continuing Nourishing Protection Cream

Repairs the epidermis deep down thanks to the instant penetration of essential oils. Nourishing oils restore the hydrolipidic film and the skin’s natural comfort mechanism. Texture :

Guinot Moisture Supplying Radiance Mask

Drenches the skin in a bath of moisture, plumping cells in the upper layers of the epidermis. – Immediate hydrating* effect which makes the skin supple and velvety-smooth. – Refreshes and revives radiance. Texture :

Guinot Masque Essential Nutrition Confort

The energy of essential oils boosts radiance. Natural oils nourish the epidermis. Immediately restoring radiance and comfort. Texture :

Guinot anti-wrinkle mask

– Dermostimulines-DNA smoothes lines and erases signs of fatigue. – Effect: the skin and the complexion appear younger Texture :

Guinot Vital Lip Care – Luscious lip beauty care

Plumping and nourishing cell regenerating care. – Smoothes the appearance of wrinkles on the lip contour. – Prolongs lipstick hold. TEXTURE :

Guinot Soothing protective lip balm

Protects lips from environmental irritants. Intensely nourishes dry lips. Restores supple, comfortable and attractive lips. TEXTURE :