Use of Vitamin A In Pregnancy

I often have clients ask me is it safe to use vitamin A when pregnant. As there is a lot of confusion out in the world of Google.

So here goes my research as we use Environ within the Clinic in very simple terms

Environ products containing Vitamin A is safe during both pregnancy and lactation.

Once Vitamin A is absorbed into the skin it is trapped, because humans do not have the enzyme systems to transfer Vitamin A from the skin into the blood stream.

Virtually no Vitamin A gets from the skin into the blood stream.

Environ does not actively promote their products for use in pregnancy simply to avoid any possible misinterpretation

As a Environ Skincare Therapist we advise you to decrease the amount of Vitamin A by one or two levels during pregnancy as the reaction of the skin may temporarily be changed by your pregnancy.

Should your skin feel uncomfortable with the use of Environ products during the first trimester of your pregnancy, then discontinue and start at a low dose of Vitamin A when re-instituting it again, after the first three months of pregnancy.

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